5 Reasons for the Nashville Coworking Surge

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the top growing cities in America – woo hoo! This city is full of college students, young professionals, families, you name it. There’s always a new restaurant, a new activity, a new site to experience! With a booming city, that means people are working (Nashville ain’t cheap). 

After the pandemic, the rise of remote working skyrocketed because we basically learned what can be done in an email. At first, working from home was really fun. You can dress professionally on the top and party on the bottom aka pajama pants. You could walk your dog during a break, cook at home, even watch your comfort show while working. Sounds great, right? Yes, but at the end of the day, people are people and need other people. The convenience of working from home started losing its appeal, and people started getting lonely. People started needing other people. That’s where coworking spaces come in. They create the perfect balance of going into work with other professionals but also at your convenience. Here are 5 reasons people are running to coworking spaces: 


1. Change of Scenery


We’ve asked several of our current coworking members, “Why did you leave your house?” A majority of them said that they wanted a change of environment. Working from the same place they cook, sleep, and clean in became a mental block and distraction. It’s hard to shift gears from shutting down and cooling off at home to gearing up for a work day when your slippers are right there. It’s can really be a mental game.


Being in a different place places you in a different headspace that is a great foundation to being productive and motivated. And being in an environment curated for motivation, productivity, and community are key parts in doing your best work.


2. Desiring Community

Working from home can make you feel like an island sometimes. It’s hard to feel like you’re part of a community when you only know your coworkers via web calls and emails. Your relationships are all work, no connection. But sometimes, you don’t want to actively talk to anyone but you also don’t want to be alone (relatable). Working out of a coworking space means you’re meeting other people in the same boat as you – finding the balance between community and productivity. Coworking spaces allow for those organic connections and focused, diligent work.  At Three One Three, we prioritize creating a space that encourages both focus and networking.

3. No Distractions


When you work from home, the distractions of pets, children, and maintenance issues follow you. When you work from a coffee shop, you never know if you can find a seat, if the playlist is going to be some weird hipster barista showing how obscure their music taste is, or if the wifi is really going to work. And don’t even get me started on parking availability. It’s difficult to stay focused in an environment that is inconsistent.


Coworking spaces are intentional in creating a space where you can focus on your work and yourself, whether that’s in meeting rooms, the communal spaces, or private phone booths. Playlists are catered to not jolt you out of focus, and the chairs are comfortable so you’re not in pain.

4. Connecting and Networking

Coworking spaces are filled with professionals who are eager to connect with each other personally but also professionally. The members range from small business owners, entrepreneurs, remote workers for corporations, and creatives. A lot of coworking spaces like Three One Three host monthly events to encourage collaboration and networking so the members can get to know each other and hear what each other are working on. Coworking spaces are focused around work and careers, so why not get to know those around you and what they’re about? Opportunities can come from unexpected places – or expected places like a coworking space.

5. Supplies for Success

Coworking spaces have everything you need to thrive in your profession. They have private meeting rooms and private phone booths that rid any distraction for those private work calls. They have printing stations, fast wifi, and included utilities so you don’t have to bring anything but yourself and your work. Let’s be honest, sometimes you don’t have everything you need at home. Sometimes you forget to order printer ink, or you can’t find an extra pen. At Three One Three, we have it all so you don’t have to – unlimited coffee, free printing, office supplies, and much more!