Frequently Asked Questions About Coworking

Coworking offices have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and many people are curious about the shared workspace experience. If you’ve been wondering about the new trend in the workplace, here are the answers to some of the most asked questions on the topic of coworking.

Three One Three | Germantown
Three One Three | Germantown


Coworking is an environment created to allow workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from various industries and companies to share an office space. Not only is it convenient to share a building, utilities, inventory, and other services, most often coworking results in lower costs and major savings overtime.  Coworking provides a location to run your business or complete projects while also providing the opportunity to network and socialize. To put it simply, coworking is a shared workspace for those who wish to work outside of their own homes or coffee shops for an affordable price. 


Coworking spaces have become the perfect solution for many small businesses and freelancers because it provides a professional office for people to work or meet clients rather than a public coffee shop or a personal in-home office. Coworking gives members the ability to network organically with other people in their coworking community. With people from various fields working in the same building, there are opportunities to connect with professionals from industries outside of your own. Other coworking advantages include the inspiring environment created by modern design and a productive atmosphere cultivated by various meeting spaces, music, and freshly brewed coffee. 

Three One Three | Germantown
Three One Three | Germantown


Shared workspaces are offices that are rented out by remote freelancers, employees, consultants, or anyone who needs an office to work from and is usually one space for one individual. When talking about shared office space, this usually refers to a larger workspace, rented for various individuals in the same way as a shared workspace. 


A flexible office space refers to a workspace that allows various ways to layout the desk or the office space. This gives members the ability to adjust or arrange the environment to work best for their specific needs. Flexible office spaces may include elements of a typical office: desk, chair, computer, storage, and decor. Flexible office spaces allow for different arrangements based on the size of the team, type of industry, or an individual’s desires.

Three One Three | Southeast Nashville
Three One Three | Southeast Nashville


The options for coworking offices and memberships vary depending on each location and what they have to offer. The most common options include:  

Communal Desks

This membership type gives people access to open workspace. It typically includes a physical address for mail, storage areas, meeting rooms, phone booths, and most of the coworking space amenities. 

Dedicated Desk

A designated workspace is a little more permanent type of coworking membership. The advantage is it allows you to leave your monitors, gear, and files in a secure space, and most dedicated desks are fully customizable.  

Private Office Suites

Whether you are looking for a one-person office or a large suite for a growing company, private office suites provide you and your team a space of your own while still getting all the perks of the coworking environment.  


Warehouse space is an option uniquely designed for both small and growing businesses needing a fulfillment center, pallet jacks, pallet racking, and more. This is a coworking solution for those with store inventory on-site, and can help consolidate workflow.


Coworking is different from the traditional work experience, and many cities have coworking offices with available spaces. Look for a place that inspires you with the energy of productivity and provides connectivity with other individuals who have shared goals. If you are in Nashville, Tennessee, Three One Three would be thrilled to show you of any of our beautiful locations in-person or you can even take a virtual tour on our website.