Should You Rent a Private Desk? (YES)

Owning a private desk at a coworking space offers so many advantages that meet you where you’re at and make working out of the house a breeze! The idea of a private desk within a coworking space bridges the gap between a personalized workspace and a community-driven environment – get a plan that can do both, right? Unlike hot-desking or shared spaces, having a dedicated desk allows you to personalize your workstations to suit your preferences and requirements – fully customizable.

A private desk cultivates a sense of stability and consistency in a your routine. In a time marked by remote work and fluid schedules, having a designated spot within a coworking space provides a familiar environment where you can seamlessly transition into work mode. This stability can significantly enhance productivity and focus, allowing you to dive into your tasks without the distractions often associated with changing workstations or noisy shared areas.

With a private desk, you get the access to all of the amenities and resources coworking spaces provide. Typically, coworking spaces offer a plethora of amenities ranging from high-speed internet and printing services to meeting rooms and communal areas. With a private desk, most come with additional perks such as lockable storage units, mailing address, and sometimes even exclusive events or networking opportunities, providing an added layer of convenience and exclusivity.

At Three One Three, our private desks (AKA Dedicated Desks) come with all of our listed amenities + a mailing address for mail and packages and a locked storage cabinet, so you can leave your monitors, files, and personal belongings at your desk with no worry in mind. Almost all of our dedicated desk members have their own computer monitor to enhance productivity. Two screens means double productivity! (I just made that up, but I do love using a monitor). We had a coworking member bring their monitor every day, and when a desk opened up, he immediately signed up for it and never went back. Monitors are hassle to carry around!

The concept of networking and collaboration is at the core of coworking spaces. While the privacy of a dedicated desk offers privacy when needed, it also presents abundant opportunities for interaction and networking with fellow professionals sharing the same space. Whether it’s bouncing ideas off like-minded individuals, forming partnerships, or simply engaging in casual conversations during coffee breaks, the communal aspect of coworking spaces can foster creativity, innovation, and potential collaborations that might not have occurred in a traditional office setting. Our private desks are all in one room, so the members form a camaraderie and a culture within the room.

Beyond the professional advantages, owning a private desk at a coworking space also contributes to a healthier work-life balance. Many coworking spaces prioritize creating environments that promote wellness, often incorporating features like relaxation zones, wellness rooms, and organized wellness programs. This holistic approach to work helps individuals alleviate stress, maintain better mental health, and strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. At Three One Three, we have wellness rooms for you to take some “me time” and relax in quiet whenever the work calls start to get to you. 

The flexibility offered by coworking spaces cannot be overlooked. Whether one is a freelancer, a remote worker, or a small team, the scalability and adaptability of private desks within these spaces cater to diverse needs. As businesses grow or priorities change, the option to scale up or down in terms of space requirements within the same community becomes a valuable asset, eliminating the hassles associated with traditional office leases and expansions. At Three One Three, dedicated desk members get priority when private offices open up, so you’ll be the first to hear about any openings and can hop on it before everyone else does. Our dedicated desk contracts are month to month, so it’s the lowest of commitment in case you want to upgrade or downgrade… but mostly upgrade.

The ownership of a private desk in a coworking space brings together a little bit of everything—the comfort and personalization of a dedicated workspace and the collaborative, community-driven spirit of a shared environment. From enhanced productivity and networking opportunities to flexibility and a healthier work-life balance, the numerous benefits make investing in a private desk at a coworking space a strategic and rewarding decision for professionals just like you. Private desks are the best of both worlds!… Until you want to broaden your world to a private office, which Three One Three can definitely make happen.