What to Look for In a Nashville Coworking Space

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the top growing cities in America – woo hoo! This city is full of college students, young professionals, families, you name it. There’s always a new restaurant, a new activity, a new site to experience! With a booming city, that means people are working (Nashville ain’t cheap). 

The rise of remote working has skyrocketed because we basically learned what can be done in an email. Working from home has its perks, but eventually, the reality that people are people and need other people hits. The convenience of working from home starts losing its appeal, and people start to feel really lonely. That’s where coworking spaces come in. They create the perfect balance of going into work with other professionals but also at your convenience. You may be new to the coworking scene, so we’re here to help you figure out what works best for you! Here are 5 things to search for when looking for your perfect Nashville coworking space: 


1. Living Local


Nashville is a town that everyone knows and loves yet has maintained its personal and down-to-earth charm. There are hundreds of local businesses that are the foundation to all that Nashville is. Finding a local coworking space that showcases local businesses and what Nashville is all about is a top priority in finding a coworking space, especially if you’re traveling. To get the full feel of what a city is like, try out what the locals are saying! Coworking spaces feature local coffee, snacks, decor, and so much more. You’ll also want to meet the locals of Nashville, whether that’s a company, freelancers, contractors, musicians – you name it!


You’ll want to do a little research on what areas have the best food, shops, and local spots in case you want to venture around. It’s also important to account for traffic now that that’s a thing in Nashville. Finding a coworking space that has several locations is super helpful when it comes to traffic because you can then work from whatever location is most convenient for you.


At Three One Three, we provide unlimited drip coffee from our coffee shop Surefire Coffee Co, so our members and visitors can get a taste of the local scene!

2. Private Phone Booths

Coworking spaces are great because they typically are larger rooms with tons of seating and people. But what do you do if you need to take a call or a quick meeting or just want some alone time? What THEN? Don’t fret, coworking spaces have found a way. Be sure to look for private phone booths which are smaller rooms you can use, typically first come – first serve that are soundproof and private for those unexpected calls. They have a professional background that isn’t distracting when you’re having your 1-1 with your boss. Phone booths help make sure that you’re not disturbing anyone with your call and no one is disturbing you. It’s a win-win!

3. Meeting Room Booking

So there are private phone booths for those quick private calls, but what about the longer meetings or more professional calls that involve more people? There’s a solution for that also! (I can go on all day). A lot of coworking spaces have private meeting rooms that you can book. Whether you’re needing a larger space to host other people or just yourself, there’s a room for you. They’re typically design to look professional so your background isn’t distracting. You’ll wait to see if they provide different accessories and supplies like general office supplies, ring light, and a microphone for calls. This helps level up your meeting room experience!


But beware – some coworking spaces charge extra to book, so you’ll want to be mindful of those prices. At Three One Three, all companies get 1 free hour in any meeting room. After that, it’s $6/additional hour. Read more about our meeting rooms HERE.


4. Simple Pricing Packages

It’s hard to keep up with all of the subscriptions, bills, and payment plans these days. When it comes to a coworking space, you’ll want to look for one that aims to make the membership process easy and simple. You’ll want to consider how seamless the sign up process is – even better if you can sign up online! What you’ll want to keep an eye out for is paying for a lot of add-ons and having to keep track of what all is included. There are coworking spaces that have an all inclusive deal, so you don’t have to think about all of the amenities.

At Three One Three, our coworking membership plan include access to all Three One Three locations, free parking, gig speed wifi, meeting room bookings, private phone booths, outdoor workspaces, and kitchen use. You can see more of our offerings HERE.