What’s the Hype with Day Passes?

Coworking spaces have changed the game with traditional workspaces. They offer flexible options like day passes that cater to professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. Day passes have gained a ton of popularity and rightly so. How might you ask? Let me tell you! 

1. They’re flexible!


One of the biggest advantages of coworking day passes is their flexibility. They provide you with the freedom to choose when, where, and how they work. Unlike long-term contract or month-to-month plans, day passes offer a cost-effective solution, allowing you to pay only for the time they need – no more, no less. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for freelancers, contractors, or individuals who don’t require a permanent office space or are traveling and need a place for a day to work remotely – gotta convince your boss you can be productive and go on vacations at the same time, right? For those who work on the go, day passes are the perfect combination of a workspace + coffee shop since a lot of provide unlimited local coffee (At least we do with Surefire Coffee Co).

2. Diverse Work Environment

Coworking spaces are known for their diverse and productive environments. With day passes, you gain access to a wide array of amenities and resources such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing stations, private phone booths, and communal areas. For freelancers, startups, or individuals working remotely, having access to a professional workspace through day passes allows you to conduct meetings and host clients in a professional setting – no offense to your bedroom background. Coworking environments help in establishing credibility and trustworthiness with clients and partners – and Three One Three’s design is pretty cool, if I may say so myself. The professional setup is great for any type of work style and preference, encourages productivity and creativity, and connects you with local professionals from different industries.  

3. Networking & Collaborating

One of my favorite advantages of coworking day passes is the networking potential they bring. Coworking spaces are the perfect place for organic networking by bringing together people from different industries and experiences to foster relationships, motivate collaboration, and encourage the exchange of ideas. The connections made in coworking spaces often lead to partnerships, collaborations, and even friendships, enhancing professional growth and opportunities. Coworking spaces provide the perfect balance between focusing and productivity and conversation and collaboration.

4. They’re perfect for those with commitment issues!


You’ve got commitment issues – understandably so. Day passes meet you where you’re at! For those considering a more extended commitment, day passes act as a trial period to test the waters. They allow individuals to explore different coworking spaces, experiencing their environment, facilities, and community vibe before committing to a monthly or yearly membership. This trial period helps in making informed decisions regarding which space best aligns with their working style and preferences. And sometimes, you just need one day in a coworking space to get what you need. Three One Three also offers a free trial day to anyone who is interested in joining, so you don’t even have to worry about spending money. So you have no excuse to not come see for yourself!


5. Avoiding Isolation


Remote work can often lead to feelings of isolation if you’re not careful. Coworking day passes provide a solution by offering a community-based environment that help fight against that WFH loneliness. Being surrounded by goal-minded people fosters a sense of belonging, reducing the social isolation that often comes with remote work. This communal atmosphere promotes a healthier work-life balance and boosts overall morale and motivation. And for you introverts, you can buy a day pass to get your social fix, then leave whenever you are ready to be alone. There’s a solution for all types of people!


5. Work-Life Balance


Coworking day passes offer the flexibility to create a better work-life balance. They allow you to separate their personal and professional lives by providing designated workspaces whenever you need them. Once the workday ends, you can leave the workspace behind and be present when you’re home – relieving the temptation to work late hours at home and promoting a healthier work-life balance. I mean, sleeping in the same place you work has got to lead to work dreams, right?



Coworking day passes offer a ton of benefits ranging from flexibility and affordability to creating a diverse work environment, networking opportunities, and enhancing productivity and creativity. These passes are an excellent solution for professionals seeking a temporary, cost-effective, flexible, and collaborative workspace, providing the perfect balance between “me” time and community.


Three One Three’s day passes run at $25/day Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. This pass includes unlimited coffee, complimentary printing station, free parking, gig speed internet, and private phone booths.


Insider Tip: Three One Three coworking memberships are $75/month, so if you’re planning on buying 3 day passes, you might as well purchase a membership!